Apology Required

I’m sorry to be writing this,
It makes me very sad
But I have to apologize,
Or I’ll feel bad.

You think I’m wimpy?
Think I’m weak?
Think I’m being mild and meek?
For this I do apologize
But I must be polite
Apology required? I don’t want to fight.

My country’s being torn apart
Destroyed left and right
My nerves are shot, I feel so ill
That I can’t sleep at night.

But all that doesn’t matter,
I have to be PC
Nothing else matters
When you are me.

I want to make a statement
But I know it isn’t wise.
If I tell the truth courageously
I’ll have to apologize.

I’m sorry I’m the way I am
My faults I can’t disguise.
I might be right or I may be wrong,
But I have to apologize!

If you hate my apologies,
And my poem you despise,
Well, what can I tell you?

author: Merillion

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