Merillion’s Residence

This is my Home Page on WordPress.  My actual home is in New Jersey, up north near Rockland County, N.Y.  I love the street I live on; it’s pretty, our neighbors are nice, and the view from my bedroom window is my favorite.  If it’s been snowing heavily for a long time, I love hearing the snowplows going down our street in the middle of the cold night.  Everything is so quiet when it snows a lot, and snow creates such light you could walk outside and not need a flashlight.

My bedroom window view shows a pretty painting – the house next to us is not parallel to us.  It’s facing in a slightly different direction, and the rock border between us, with a small hill and tall trees, creates a beautiful picture.

In the summer, mainly in August, I love to go to the window and listen to the night noises; I’m not sure what makes the noises – I just call them “heat bugs.”

My living room window takes up almost the whole wall.  I use only sheer curtains on that front window, because when it’s raining, I love to see the street glistening,  lit by the street lamps.

I just love this house.  There’s something about it that’s always felt good.  I even liked it when we first moved in, and had to sleep on the floor, where the movers had put our box spring and mattress.  That was a low bed, twenty-two years ago.  Now, my husband and I would find it much harder to get up out of it!

I like my blog on WordPress, too.  It’s sort of like a home, where I can put down what I want to say, and have plenty of rooms to say it in.

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