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Paula Dean & Political Correctness

No political correctness
No political correctness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My letter to the Food Network:

I swear I don’t know what’s happening to people these days.

Paula Dean said a bad word, maybe more than once, just like all of us humans.

She’s being crucified for it.

What are we going to do next to people, besides ruining their careers and their lives?  Lash them in the public square?  What has happened here with Paula Dean reminds me of the time that women were burned at the stake because they were thought to be witches.

She did not commit a crime, didn’t murder anyone, steal anything.

Haven’t any of YOU ever said anything bad?

Why don’t you reinstate her?  You won’t look bad or silly if you do – you’ll look human.  You’ll contribute to the end of “Political Correctness.”  Do you know that the words “politically correct” started as a joke by some comedian?  I know, because I remember it (I don’t remember who the comedian was).  And now look at us!  Lots of people think political correctness is the LAW!


Political Correctness is a Cancer upon the earth.  It creates fear in all of us.  Everyone is afraid to say anything.  What is it that we fear?  Maybe what we fear is that we’ll lose our jobs; that our lives and our careers will be ruined.  That people will shun us.  Some people even fear for their safety and the safety of their families!!  POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS OBSCENE.

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