Killer diseases brought over the border by illegal immigrants. What about our Children?

With everything I’ve heard about illegal immigration and reforming our immigration laws, I don’t recall hearing any Representative or Senator mentioning diseases that might be carried in to the United States. That’s strange, but so many things about our “Leaders,” Senators, and Representatives seem odd these days. Like how they never yell and scream about Obama’s lawlessness.  When they are on Fox News, they tell Hannity, they tell Kelly, they tell Greta; they tell you & they tell me.  But – they are AFRAID to tell Obama!  That’s the strangest thing of all.  Our fearful Congress – there are exceptions who are not afraid to speak out, but only a few of them.

At least some senator or representative should be positively SCREAMING about disease being carried into the United States.

What’s your choice?    MRSA?  Diptheria?  Plague?  Got Whooping Cough?  They already have it in California!


The following article is from:  American Thinker

June 8, 2014


Illegal immigrant flood bringing disease outbreaks

By:  Thomas Lifson

“There are serious worries in Texas and beyond over the current flood of illegal immigrants and the diseases they are carrying into the United States. ABC 15 reports from the southern border:U.S. Border Patrol agents are worried that what’s …”

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AND NOTE THIS:  “DHS has denied all requests for interviews with doctors and medical staff treating sick immigrants. The agency has also turned down our request for a tour.”

2 thoughts on “Killer diseases brought over the border by illegal immigrants. What about our Children?

  1. excellent point regarding disease. Measles has returned to the U.S. but the ones you mention are even worse! Sadly congress does not seem to care, nor does anyone else! When are people going to WAKE UP!

    1. Yes, wouldn’t you think Congress would DO SOMETHING? I heard that illegals who have been flown over our borders (by the U.S.) get back on the plane & are flown to ARIZONA! U.S. government could just as well find out which country the illegals are from, & fly them back to where they came from. Our vindictive government!

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