A Loveletter to My Country, America


The national music of America and our American military is, to me, the most beautiful music. Sometimes it makes me cry just listening to it.
I hope you’ll take a moment to look at the following video – it’s beautifully done.

posted on youtube by:  soccerteen19


I wish I could see a military parade with a band every day.  When I was about 14,  my aunt and I took a train trip to Washington, D.C. And what a pretty town it was!  It must have been springtime – I remember green trees and sunlight.  But the highlight of that trip was seeing a military band – I think it was an Army band – marching and playing music.  You know what song they were playing?  “Fine and Dandy”!  It was wonderful played to a march tempo.  I’ll never forget it.

Ray Charles
Ray Charles

Then there’s a quite beautiful rendition of “America the Beautiful” sung by Ray Charles.  Every Friday night, Mark Levin plays it on his radio show on 77WABC. It’s different sung by Ray Charles. It grabs your heart in a different way.

And I’ll never forget how superb our military is.  I’m so proud of my country, America.  And I’m so disgusted with anyone who badmouths America.  Obama has been doing it for years.  Have you ever heard of Great Britain, France, Canada, Italy – any other country – badmouthing their own countries?  I haven’t.  You out there who speak against America:  Take your lies, apologies, stupidity, and venom and go live someplace else!


Author: Merillion


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