Message to “Black Lives Matter” Members

If you guys think black lives matter so much, how about working to make life safer for black people in Chicago?  In Ferguson?  They are OUT OF CONTROL for various reasons, such as government “officials” in those cities.

It’s easy to interrupt a candidate’s Freedom of Speech so that you can exercise YOUR Freedom of Speech.  It’s easy.  It’s nasty.

Why don’t you do some real work to make life better for blacks in Chicago and Ferguson; at the same time, life will be better for white people in Chicago and Ferguson.  Of course you don’t give a crap about white people, but at least work for the blacks.

What do you say?


2 thoughts on “Message to “Black Lives Matter” Members

  1. Well spoken, but isn’t it also correct that Chicago, Baltimore and Ferguson are 100% Democrat locations? They are responsible for keeping the populations of these cities in poverty so they have control!
    (History points out that it was the Democratic Liberals that pushed to KEEP slavery back in Abraham Lincoln’s time.)Guess they are still trying.

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