Yes, I want my Ladies’ Room back. I don’t like sharing the bathroom with men. I don’t care what some Liberal Left-Wing judge says.It’s apparent that we have three sexes now: 1) Women; 2) Men; and 3) a sex consisting of Homosexual, Lesbian, Gay, Trans-sexual, etc.

I want all of us to have our own bathrooms. I’m tired of the Liberal left making decisions for all of us. I’m tired of the ACLU suing everybody just for thinking differently, and tired of the ACLU intimidating Americans.

What do you, my readers, think?  Hardly any of you ever leave a Comment/Reply to what I post here on my blog. You do have thoughts, don’t you? How about sharing them with all of us. You have 5 minutes, don’t you? You’re not fearful of leaving a comment, are you? We have to speak up!  If you don’t speak English, I’ll find a way to translate what you say.  Don’t let Marxist Left-Wing Liberals run your life (unless you don’t give a shit either way, which I doubt).

I’m not a left-wing liberal, who wants to shut you up. I want you to talk to us. Give us your ideas, no matter what side you’re on.

MERILLION CAN TAKE IT – it won’t hurt my feelings, intrude upon my space, make me run to my safe zone, or make me want to get rid of Free Speech.  🙂

11 thoughts on “I WANT MY LADIES’ ROOM BACK!

  1. I’m with you. There’s a reason why we have single-sex facilities — because 99% of people (100% of normal people) prefer them that way. Why are progressives always so eager to sacrifice the normal to the abnormal?

  2. I absolutely agree with you! It is also scary that schools would consider these mixed gender bathrooms without any thought given to the danger children are being put in.
    How many women would even use a bathroom like this when they are out shopping ? the fear of some pervert or predator going into the same bathroom? Let those in the ACLU use these bathrooms, or maybe Ms Obama should use them?.

    1. Ha! Fat chance Michelle would set foot in them. But I love your idea! Don’t forget, left-wing liberals only have high standards for their own enjoyment – the rest of us can rot. How about a separate bathroom for the ACLU? With toilets that when you flush them, 2 lbs of shit come back up. With a sprayer.

  3. There are places that just have one bathroom in them. I don’t mind those. There are always locks on the door to lock others out until done with the duty. Otherwise I want the ladies room back. The left got so loony on things it is pathetic. The left needs to stay out of our bathrooms, ;).

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