Oh Yeah? And your Mother wears Army boots!

The big insult above was heard a lot during the World War 2 years when I was growing up in Brooklyn, New York.  It came to mind after watching Trump and Rubio exchanging childish insults on TV.

“Have you seen how much he Sweats?  And he’s Little, too.”

“Have you seen his hands?  He’s a tall man but did you ever notice how small his hands are?  And you know what they say about a man with small hands?”  Do I want to know?  OMG, what’s next?

You guys, STOP IT!  There’s a world of trouble out there, literally, due to Obama’s leading from his – from behind.  And this what you fight about!  Do I, a lady who lives in New Jersey and is not a political advisor, have to tell you to knock it off?

KNOCK IT OFF!  You aren’t little children playing in the streets and trying to make each other crazy.  You are MEN!  Grown men!  And you want to be the President of the United States.  You don’t sound like it.

2 thoughts on “Oh Yeah? And your Mother wears Army boots!

  1. Glad to see someone else is fired up about the outrageous comments from these two grown men.(thought they were adults) It is really hard to believe that these are candidates for the highest, most important job in our country. While I can see and understand the popularity of Trump, I am having some serious misgivings about him. Guess I will have to wait and see.

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