You OK With Colorado’s Non-Voting? I’m Not!


I keep hearing that what happened in Colorado is perfectly legal, it’s just the way Colorado does things.  Such as “Cruz Wins All” – Trump – O.

The people of Colorado DID NOT VOTE!  (Something about delegates just doing their thing and everything’s on the up-and-up in Colorado.)

I don’t buy this, and neither should any of you.  Even Bill Bennett, a politician from the Reagan years, said:  ‘I am a delegate, and I can tell  you that this process in Colorado is “Extremely Complicated.”

If it’s “extremely complicated” for a professional politician, it must be impossibly complicated for We the Regular People of the United States, who like to actually vote in the primaries in our own simple, non-complicated way.

There’s something nefarious about what happened in Colorado, and this needs to be investigated by people who have integrity.  Got integrity, any of you dirty politicians?

It is my opinion that all the states should have the exact same rules when it comes to voting in the primaries for a new president.  Bennett said “well, we’re not really “democratic,” we’re really a “republic.”  Apparently being a “republic” rather than a “democracy” keeps morals and rules loose and able to be manipulated – at least to Bennett.

I don’t like this, do you???  What do you guys think about this?  Want to be continuously lied to by the con men in State governments or the nasty, corrupt Federal government?  Or do you want an immaculate and identical voting process for every state in the Union?

I’d love to have my readers’ thoughts on this, but no one seems to have the will or the time any more to leave a Reply/Comment, even when it comes to the finest nation on the face of the earth.

Also see, from Real Clear Politics
“Former CO GOP Chair: Message We’re Sending Is “Your Vote Doesn’t Matter And Your Voice Doesn’t Count”

By Ian Schwartz
Posted on April 11, 2016



5 thoughts on “You OK With Colorado’s Non-Voting? I’m Not!

  1. It would certainly be simpler if every state followed the same procedure — and even better (and fairer) if every state voted on the same day, instead of some states having disproportionate influence due to being able to vote earlier. But I don’t know how you get to that point. Who is going to decide what the correct procedure should be, and how would that be enforced on all the states? What happens when some states refuse to do it the way the folks at the top say it should be done? I honestly don’t know. The process is broken, that much is obvious, but I have no idea how to fix it.

  2. I do not believe I had heard about this one but, all states in the United States of America should have exact same procedures and policies regarding delegates, election procedures, It is time for the people to speak up This country has become overly complacent about important issues….or they are afraid to open their mouths.

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