What’s so great about Conservatives? Not much.

The following is a letter I received from Tea Party Patriots:

“Donald Trump is our weakest frontrunner in the past 40 years. He’s not a conservative. And I have no confidence that he can be trusted to right the wrong course Obama has put upon our country… 
We urgently need to stop Donald Trump.  These stakes are too high. We cannot allow a President Hillary Clinton — we need a strong, principled conservative for President.
We have a plan. A two-part plan:  First, we will deprive Trump of the necessary 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination.
“We are on track to do just that and are going to continue this strong effort all the way to the convention.”

And this is my reply to that letter:

To:  JennyBeth Martin

“Donald Trump is our weakest frontrunner in the past 40 years.”  This is nonsense.  Trump is the strongest frontrunner we’ve ever had.  “He’s not a conservative.”  I don’t care whether Trump is a “conservative” or not. What’s so great about conservatives anyway?? Remember about 8 conservatives wrote attack articles about Trump recently in the magazine, “National Review”?  In seven long years I never heard these conservatives attack Obama in any way – certainly not all together in one magazine!  Obviously, they didn’t really care that Obama was and is seeking to destroy America.
They are cowards – they would not ever trash/attack Communist/Socialist/Dictator Obama, but hey, get Trump!
I have no use for any conservatives any more. You won’t get any of my money ever!

You also wrote “First, we will deprive Trump of the necessary 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination.” You will “deprive” him?  How will you do that?  I’d be interested in your response.



6 thoughts on “What’s so great about Conservatives? Not much.

  1. Have to agree with you! Conservatives have done NOTHING for the people of this once great country. Instead of standing up to the Obama white house, they cowered and gave in to his frequent executive orders, they stood by and did nothing. Retired John Boehner whimpered like a baby and kissed up to Obama, now we have Paul Ryan? Conservatives? NAH, I do not think so!

    1. Susan – Great comment! And the word “cowered” is perfect. John Boehner gave his great pal Obama everything he wanted and more, & Paul Ryan seems to be just as weak.

    1. Pilgrim – Do you think it’s any crazier than usual? If you look at old political cartoons, it was just as crazy and just as nasty! Hard to believe!

      1. Lol very true maybe I am just continually shocked that the political and ideological discourse is so behind all other disciplines in 2016. I mean we collide particles, send machinery to other planets and a host of other things and yet the discourse is at the level of apes beating their chests and screaming… Very sad. And unfortunately religion has been for the most part highly influenced by this.

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