Mr. Khan – Mr. Nice Guy? Not So Much

Remember Khan & wife at DNConvention, where Khan attacked Trump?

I was watching OANN NEWS today, and they had lots of info on Khan.

I was not recording it, but I remember a couple of things referencing their investigation of Khan:

Khan does Mrs. Clinton’s taxes.
Khan promotes Sharia Law in America.

How interesting! And how interesting that he didn’t talk much about his son who was killed in action, but chose instead to badmouth Mr. Trump.

Did Hillary know what Khan was going to say?  You bet she did.

OANN (One America News) is quite excellent.  Fox News is good for TRUE fact news instead of lying journalists you find elsewhere, but OANN is far better than Fox News.  One especially good show on OANN is “The Daily Ledger,” with Graham Ledger, an award-winning journalist.

Here in NJ, OANN is just about 2 channels down from Fox News.




One thought on “Mr. Khan – Mr. Nice Guy? Not So Much

  1. I have been keeping up with this latest information on Mr. Khan. Read article that shows a connection between this man and Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law…would not surprise me in the least as she is beyond crooked and corrupt. She was that way even before Obama. In addition, Mr. Khan was paid for his speech at the DNC convention….Yes, OAN is definitely better than Fox. You do not get such a terrible headache!

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