Let us pray…

Oh Come On! When guys get together they have prayer meetings!! Everybody knows that.
I’m just watching the Kelly File.  An 11-year-old tape discovered, of Donald Trump talking about sex, women, bed-time.  Plus bragging.  But listen to this on the show!  Such self-righteousness! Such holier-than-thou-ness!
Paul Ryan, the male version of Mother Theresa, is sickened by this. Honey, take some Pepto Bismol. You’ll get over it.
How about an ancient conversation between Bill Clinton and one of his male friends? Any tapes available? When men get together with other men, they talk about things they would never say in front of their mother, father, sister, any other women. Maybe a little bragging? Maybe a lot of bragging! They’re men!
Come to think of it, when ladies get together they do the same thing – not quite to the same extent, but still…
I just get such a kick out of how holy we become when it’s SOMEONE ELSE on this particular burner.  Shhhh…I hear Senators and Congressmen thinking: “I’m sure glad they don’t have my conversations on tape” – or do they…?  Watch out!

3 thoughts on “Let us pray…

  1. the comment you received on Oct 8th marked ‘anonymous’ was actually from me. Do not know why my emails did not show…..

  2. Yep… the same people who have emphatically insisted for years that there is no such thing as an objective moral standard are suddenly scandalized over the immorality of Donald Trump. Now that they can see where moral relativism ultimately leads, do you think they’ll learn their lesson? Nope, me neither.

  3. Glad you wrote this! My first thought when I heard this was ‘Hey what about Bill Clinton? He did more than make a comment, and he already was the POTUS Oh, by the way, he is STILL fooling around in his own home! At least all Trump did was ‘talk’

    The recently published book “Crisis of Character” details what women came to clinton in the oval office, and they were not there to talk….One of them was a well known politicians WIFE!!! At one point Gary Byrne (secret service police) had to keep Monica Lewinsky near him while Clinton finished up with the wife of politician…..

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