“An unmasked mom shows how badly out of balance police? power is”

from Merillion:  “Man’s Inhumanity to Man” – that’s how the Nazi’s acted.  Now, here in “free” America, we have man’s inhumanity to a woman – this is horrifying.  Land of the free?  Home of the brave?  No one got off their butt to help this woman who was ASSAULTED and tased!  Guys – whether you’re a guy or girl -we have to help each other!  Don’t be so afraid!  No one but you guys could have helped this woman while she was being literally attacked!  We only have each other now, sad to say.


Police say a “SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER worked the games at the request of the Logan-Hocking School District to ensure the safety of fans and athletes.

Part of the officer’s assignment is to make sure everyone is following CDC, Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Athletic Association and Logan-Hocking School District guidelines.

One of those guidelines mandated by the school district is that all spectators wear a mask while on school property.

Police say the officer was walking the stadium when he noticed a woman sitting in the stands without a mask.





from:  American Thinker

by:     Andrea Widburg

“People other than power-hungry leftists have noticed that, while hyper-sensitive Wuhan virus tests are still showing new cases, people aren’t dying en masse  . . .”

“In the free America we older folks still remember, mask madness would be over. . .

“She was sitting outdoors, in isolation, with her family, maskless (just like Fauci) because she has asthma, when a Logan Police Department officer, without any prior warning, arrested her for not wearing a mask.

Kitts objected loudly and wiggled about wildly to avoid the cuffs the officer was trying to place on her.  She shouldn’t have resisted.  That only makes things worse — and it did.  The officer tasered Kitts as she sat on the metal bench, giving her children a shock, too. . . .”

“Have we always been so sheeplike and cowardly, and I just didn’t notice?  At least the vile leftists fight for what they believe. . .”

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