Covid – What’s REALLY Going on here?

CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks As COVID-19 Deaths

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 9:40 AM PT – Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The latest numbers from the CDC reveal hospitals have been counting patients who died from serious preexisting conditions as COVID-19 deaths. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more, as the CDC counts over 51-thousand patients who actually died from heart attacks, as opposed to the coronavirus.

n.b. Merillion: More lying to keep us afraid. And we are afraid – terrorized and brainwashed by the Democrat Marxist Left.

Listen – and THINK: will you wear a mask for the rest of your life?

Will you tell your kids & grandkids that when they visit you, you won’t let them kiss you on your cheek and hug you?? and that they all must wear masks and stand 8 feet away from you? Forever? And you’ll do all this, because some lying doctor or left-wing politician ordered you to?

And YOU live in the land of the Free and the home of the BRAVE?

Talk to me!

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