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Gone, Republicans & Conservatives, Gone! F us.

While the Marxist democrats send the United States to Hell, the republicans go on vacation for an extended period of time – six weeks!  And before they left, they had a stirring, inspiring press conference with McCarthy & Scalise promising how wonderful they will be when they come back!  But – they are gone!  We need action from them, not promises.  “Please Mommy, let me go!  I’ll be good, I promise!

But they won’t be any better than before:  lazy, cowardly, silent, & remaining on their butts.  How long will all of us good guys put up with this shit???  How long will we put up with the Biden Marxist democrats???  If the government will not protect us and fight for us, who will???  You must know the answer to that one.

The following is from American Thinker:

The GOP in Absentia

“. . . if one does not speak out against the cultural rot taking place a thousand miles away, he will soon find that rot has spread to his front yard.  How is the GOP combatting the rot these days?

“For over one year, Antifa and BLM have looted, vandalized, and even murdered.  Simultaneously, police officers are unjustly vilified, defunded, and demoralized to the point that many have turned in their badges.”

.”According to Johns Hopkins, the survival rate of COVID-19 is better than 98% for all age ranges.  A recent lab analysis of masks worn by children for 5–8 hours found antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as well as pathogens that cause maladies such as E. coli, pneumonia, tuberculosis, meningitis, diphtheria, and Legionnaires’ disease.  Recent data show that, rather than curtail the spread of COVID-19, lockdowns exacerbated it. Finally, we know that (a) unvaccinated, asymptomatic people do not spread viruses; (b) the young are the least likely to be harmed by COVID-19; (c) there are numerous therapeutics available that have treated COVID-19 (among them, the HCQ/azithromycin combination, and ivermectin); and (d) since the dawn of humankind, we have successfully combatted viruses with natural defense mechanisms — among them B cells and T cells.

When the leaders we elect are silent in the face of tyranny, we lose our will to fight even the most egregious of infringements.

If only we had a party of streetfighters in our corner.”

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