Listen up, all you Communist, Marxist, Socialist, Left-wing Liberals!

Your ideology is unacceptable here in America.

Today, one of you is saying “Jefferson owned slaves, so we should get rid of the Jefferson Memorial.”   The time that Jefferson owned slaves was the time when slavery was socially acceptable.  It’s similar to today, when many people are finding Socialism acceptable.  Neither one was a good thing.  Both are bad and unacceptable.

We the people who are Americans and love our country do not find you, the Communist, Marxist, Socialist, Left-wing Liberals, acceptable.  You and Pres. Obama are haters.

  • America
  • Americans
  • Congress
  • The Constitution of the United States
  • Israel
  • Christians
  • Law Enforcement
  • the Police
  • Allies of the United States
  • Mexicans (because you believe they will vote your way)
  • Muslims – (because Obama is a Muslim)
  • Enemies of the United States (because you hate America)

You and Obama are “The Enemy Within.”

President Obama, and all of you, consider yourselves America’s Judge and Jury, and believe that you are the ones to punish America and Americans for their sins.  Your collective egos are massive and sick.  You are anti-American and you should not be here in our country.

…and here’s something for you holier-than-thou guys to chew on:

They..” (YOU LIBERALS) “…never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge.”

 Thomas Brackett Reed

“We must move America forward” is your strange mantra:

New York City Mayor DeBlasio

Mayor Giuliano cleaned up New York City and made it fine again.  You are bringing it back to pre-Giuliano chaos and evil. (BACKWARD!)

President Obama

In the process of destroying the finest Healthcare system in the world.  (BACKWARD!)

Just made a very bad deal with Iran (our enemy).  Lifted sanctions, which will literally give Iran $100 billion dollars to do their dirty work.  (BACKWARD!)

Withdrew our troops from Iraq just when the Iraqis were becoming safe and looking forward to living again. Then ISIS saw the opening in Iraq – you know the rest.  (BACKWARD!)

Obama’s entire existence is devoted to the punishment and destruction of America and it’s citizens.  He truly thinks he’s a God, that his very presence upon the earth is enough to light up the world.  Instead, the world grows darker, with evil and depravity and beheadings, even here in America.  (BACKWARD!)


“I really don’t give a shit!”

Perhaps you, my readers, can add to the “BACKWARD!” list.  Don’t be afraid of this administration, aka “Obama’s Evil Empire.”


Rules for RadicalRidiculists


First, the Rules for what Obama is called:
You can’t call him the “President.” It’s a matter of geo-strategic political correctness.
If you call Obama the “President,” all of us have to be called Presidents, including illegal aliens.
Of course, illegal aliens can’t be called “illegal aliens” just because they are illegal aliens, they must be called “undocumented” illegal aliens.  It, too, is a matter of geo-strategic political correctness.

We cannot call Obama “President” Obama, because that would mean that all of us are not equal. So therefore, to make sure that all of us are equal, we must all be called “President.” This includes children of all ages, starting at the age of 1 year old. This is the only way to have total equality of all people. This Rule shall include undocumented illegal aliens.

All criminals who rob people, burglarize homes, and rob banks must share their loot equally with everyone who lives in their state. This includes every state in the United States, & of course every country across the globe. This is called “Global Sharing of Criminal Gains,” and will be enforced by the Internal Revenue Service (the IRS).

Anyone who boasts about, mentions, or talks about getting a good job, doing well, & making a lot of money shall be arrested by people wearing brown uniforms; they are called “Global Radical Brown Equality Distribution Police.” It is well-known within the Obama administration that no one has ever succeeded all by themselves.  After the arrests have been made, the Global Radical Brown Equality Distribution Police and a new Police Force called the “youdidn’tdothatallbyyourself Police” will confiscate their money and property, which shall be equally distributed by the “Distortion of Speech Police,” who wear distorted clothing containing only pockets to put the money in, never, ever make statements that are related to normality or reality, and are summa cum laude graduates with degrees in Euphemisms.

Those who have attacked the United States or are considering doing so shall be called “Neutrals.” There has never been a politically correct word for “attackers,” “murderers,” “killers,” etc., and no one in the Obama government can think of a politically correct word except for “extremists.”  These Neutrals, who hurt people, bloody them, and kill them, shall be called the “NeutralNon-Existents.”  There are no Police for these people, because Obama & many others in his administration believe the “NeutralNon-Existents” are not really there. Obama and his administration know they exist, but feel that they are not actually “there” enough to have a name.  (It’s complicated.)

The above are “Rules for RadicalRidiculists” – there is a great penalty for not following them.
Only the IRS (also known as “The Alternate Bureau Of Weapons”), knows what the penalty is, and shall administer it to all who speak ill of these Rules, or do not follow them.