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Now we know where they came from. . .


Merillion:  Remember that video of green blobs, large & small, that we saw recently on the tv news channels?  They were thought to be UFO’S.  Now see this:

“The next morning, Bennell and Becky watch from the office window as truckloads of the giant pods arrive in the town center. They listen as Nick Grivett (the chief of police) directs the others to take them to neighboring towns to be planted and used to replace their populations. Kauffman and Jack, both of whom are now also “pod people,” arrive at Bennell’s office with new pods for Becky and Bennell. They reveal that an extraterrestrial life form is responsible for the invasion; the pods, capable of replicating any life form, traveled through space and landed in a field. After their takeover, Kauffman explains, humanity will lose all emotions and sense of individuality, creating a simplistic, stress-free world.

“Miles tries to make a long-distance call to federal authorities for help, but the phone operator claims that the long-distance lines are dead or busy. Jack and Teddy drive off to seek help in the next town. Bennell and Becky soon realize that all of the town’s inhabitants have been replaced and are devoid of humanity.”

After scuffling with and knocking out Kauffman, Jack, Grivett, Bennell, and Becky escape the office. Outside, they pretend to be pod people, but Becky screams at a dog that is about to be hit by a car, exposing their humanity. A town alarm is sounded and they flee on foot, pursued by a mob of “pod people.”

Exhausted, they manage to escape and hide in an abandoned mine outside town. Later, they hear music and Bennell leaves Becky briefly to investigate. Over a hill, he sees a large greenhouse farm with hundreds of giant seed pods being loaded onto trucks. Bennell returns to tell Becky, and upon kissing her he realizes, to his horror, that she fell asleep and is now one of them.”


Invasion of the Body Snatchers – Wikipedia



For many years, the Congress of the United States has ignored our existing immigration laws. Now, on the Friday before they go on vacation for a month, they rush to pass a new law that they know will not pass the Senate, mostly because of Harry Reid. Whatever Harry Reid’s job description is, he’s not doing his job. Actually, Harry Reid has not done his job for years. Let’s find a way to stop his salary!

And getting back to our “congress,” they, with few exceptions, have not done their jobs either. For YEARS, Congress and recent Presidents have totally IGNORED our existing Immigration Law. They simply have done NOTHING to enforce it. Even John McCain, speaking out so vehemently today – I don’t remember his lifting a finger to help Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona with her horrible border problems. And John McCain is the Senator from Arizona!  And – let us not forget the current Pres of the U.S., Obama. He’s bringing in the illegals – he and his appointed Marxist Liberals planned this current border crisis!  They all knew about this a year before it happened.  And when Obama and his Socialist Marxist Liberals tell you how much they CARE about the little children with their sweet little smiles, it’s time to vomit.

Now, see the illegals pour over our borders. See the lice they carry, see the tuberculosis, see the chicken pox, and if we’re really lucky – SEE THE EBOLA!!!

Obama and Congress, it is your fault. It is on your heads. It is our blood on your hands.   You all disgust me – Obama because he is evil, certain members of congress because they are evil along with Obama, and Congress as a whole because they didn’t give a shit.