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from:  American Thinker

“What Happened To ‘First, Do No Harm’?”

bySteven Goldsmith, M.D.

“On June 2, 1948, at Landsberg prison in Bavaria, seven Nazi doctors were hanged by the neck until dead.  Seven others faced life imprisonment.  The year before, the U.S. Military Tribunal in Nuremberg ordered these sentences for medical experiments without subjects’ consent, crimes against humanity, and mass murder.  From the doctors’ trial arose the Nuremberg Code that, along with subsequent conventions and laws, governed the ethical practice of medicine in the United States. Until the past two years.

“Since 2020 an even more powerful master has commandeered medicine’s values. The State requires that physicians comply with its unscientific dictates concerning treatments.  Do No Harm has been supplanted by Cover Your Ass.

“Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, many physicians have disgraced our profession.  They have administered experimental vaccines of unprecedented toxicity for an illness with an overall survival rate of 99.74 percent, all without proper informed consent.  They have withheld outpatient therapeutics of documented efficacy, leaving patients to sicken or die untreated.  Undeterred by reports of catastrophic side effects such as teenage myocarditis, they have injected undisclosed ingredients with unknown long-term risks into children who harbor no serious risk from the illness. . .

“Not that ethical healers must worship God.  But if they don’t, they may worship other gods—security, status, money, power, reputation, or ideology. . .

“By the early twentieth century, German medicine had become the cynosure of world-class medicine.  But gradually the ideology of eugenics captured it. Mass enforced sterilization and abortions of the medically handicapped and the insane led to systematic euthanasia of these populations, and eventually to the Holocaust.  Like their American counterparts who inject healthy children, many Nazi doctors believed that their practices served the best interests of society.

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Source: What Happened To ‘First, Do No Harm’?