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The COVID Scam: The Progressive Path to Power and Tyranny

From:  American Thinker

The COVID Scam: The Progressive Path to Power, and Tyranny

COVID-19 is probably the greatest and most successful swindle in history. By comparison, Carlo Ponzi and Bernie Madoff were pikers. The COVID scam has affected most of earth’s 7.8 billion inhabitants, consumed trillions of dollars, and achieved a level of government control unprecedented in modern democracies.

“The COVID “pandemic of fear” is a con, perpetrated by those in power to extend and expand their power. Their scheme is simple. Take a new flu-like respiratory virus created in China, COVID-19; tout it as a threat to all human life; suspend (temporarily, of course!) personal liberty and freedom; then justify their tyranny by asserting a need to protect all Americans from death by virus.

“Medical risk. Based on CDC data, the risk of death for children is less than 0.1 percent and for healthy adults less than 0.17 percent.  COVID is dangerous only to a small segment of the population: the elderly, diabetics, and the infirm with serious pre-existing medical conditions such as immunocompromise, chronic lung disease, kidney or heart failure, often several of these illnesses in a single patient.

“. . .This mortality data is distorted. Only 12 to 23 percent of the deaths were actually due to the virus, based on autopsy data and medical demographics respectively.

“. . . It may seem reasonable that masks are protective, but medical data from Sweden, Israel, and U.S. schools suggest otherwise. They don’t protect.  Worse, masks may actually be dangerous . . .

“. . . kids’ face masks contained dangerous pathogens that can cause pneumonia, Lyme disease, tuberculosis, and meningitis, among others”


With the COVID scam exposed, the following is our call to action.

  1.  Recognize what is happening and why. Washington has created a false threat from COVID.

Read more here:  The COVID Scam: The Progressive Path to Power, and Tyranny


The Sickness of Anthony Fauci

From:  American Thinker
By:  Frank Hawkins
“Does responsibility for the deaths of over 1 million Americans make Tony Fauci a mass murderer? It’s actually worse than that. Consider the basic evidence:
  • Safe, inexpensive, and effective life-saving therapeutics for COVID are readily available. Their use could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.”
  • ” . . .Most damning of all, Fauci himself “funded gain of function research at U.S. University labs and later in China. The CIA and the Pentagon through DARPA were all apparently working in tandem with Fauci to teach the Chinese how to weaponize bat virus. Dangerous pathogens were studied and made far more deadly to humans through all this research. Most people can see that this is all very sinister, and this man is not someone who should be running U.S. public health, but it’s even worse.  . . .  (Fauci’s) sordid past goes back to the AIDS crisis and his diabolical experiments on children which killed at least 85 children at least. The experiments were barbaric and illegal, but he did it anyway. He gained control of foster homes in 7 states and then turned the pharmaceutical industry loose on these children. The children were powerless with no legal representation and no guardian. They were tortured literally to death. Many of them did not even have HIV but were simply human guinea pigs. Those children who refused the drugs or were noncompliant were taken to Columbia hospital and had feeding tubes installed to administer the drugs. At least 85 died during the experiments. This atrocity wasn’t enough for him though, so he took the experiments to Africa where he killed many pregnant mothers.” 

“On a page dealing with effective alternatives to the Big Pharma vaccines, one doctor is quoted as saying, “No one wanted Americans to know that you didn’t have to die from Covid-19. It’s 100 percent treatable. We proved it. No one had to die.” But even worse, “We’ve seen lots of really bad vaccine side effects in our patients. . .

  • “While Fauci, who whines that attacks on him are attacks on science, is the greatest killer of this new century, the story is out there for all willing to see it.”
  • “He helped create the disease. He has blocked safe, low-cost, effective treatments that would have saved tens of thousands of lives while making the drug companies insanely rich with dangerous vaccines.

The above is horrible enough.  But there’s much, much more here:    Judging Fauci




Now we know where they came from. . .


Merillion:  Remember that video of green blobs, large & small, that we saw recently on the tv news channels?  They were thought to be UFO’S.  Now see this:

“The next morning, Bennell and Becky watch from the office window as truckloads of the giant pods arrive in the town center. They listen as Nick Grivett (the chief of police) directs the others to take them to neighboring towns to be planted and used to replace their populations. Kauffman and Jack, both of whom are now also “pod people,” arrive at Bennell’s office with new pods for Becky and Bennell. They reveal that an extraterrestrial life form is responsible for the invasion; the pods, capable of replicating any life form, traveled through space and landed in a field. After their takeover, Kauffman explains, humanity will lose all emotions and sense of individuality, creating a simplistic, stress-free world.

“Miles tries to make a long-distance call to federal authorities for help, but the phone operator claims that the long-distance lines are dead or busy. Jack and Teddy drive off to seek help in the next town. Bennell and Becky soon realize that all of the town’s inhabitants have been replaced and are devoid of humanity.”

After scuffling with and knocking out Kauffman, Jack, Grivett, Bennell, and Becky escape the office. Outside, they pretend to be pod people, but Becky screams at a dog that is about to be hit by a car, exposing their humanity. A town alarm is sounded and they flee on foot, pursued by a mob of “pod people.”

Exhausted, they manage to escape and hide in an abandoned mine outside town. Later, they hear music and Bennell leaves Becky briefly to investigate. Over a hill, he sees a large greenhouse farm with hundreds of giant seed pods being loaded onto trucks. Bennell returns to tell Becky, and upon kissing her he realizes, to his horror, that she fell asleep and is now one of them.”


Invasion of the Body Snatchers – Wikipedia



April 23, 2021

From: American Thinker

Greatest Generation: Courage and Loyalty Beat Fear

By: J.B. Shurk

“. . .every day you open your eyes, you have a choice between strengthening and weakening those who wish you harm by deciding whether to let fear win.  That’s your choice.  No tinpot dictator or bureaucratic stooge chooses for you.  Every single day, you can choose to resist simply by choosing not to be afraid.

Free peoples encourage each other to be strong and brave; to sacrifice for each other; and, no matter what, to keep fighting. 

When I looked at those two WWII soldiers who had clearly fought the good fight side by side, I remembered why those who wish to control us are ultimately going to lose.  It is because seeing courage inspires courage.  Peddling fear succeeds only when everyone is afraid.  As soon as one person stands up, more people stand up, too.  Like one lit candle lighting another and another until the fire can be seen from a distance, courage grows until it rages beyond anything that can be contained.  Those of us who remember America’s past already know this.  Those who have forgotten America’s past are in for a surprise.

Source – READ MORE: Greatest Generation: Courage and Loyalty Beat Fear

Covid-19 is Used to Frighten Us & Put Down Trump.

What good is life, if you have to constantly worry about something that might kill you, wasting your remaining time and energy worrying about extending life rather than enjoying it right now?

From:  http://web.archive.org/web/20170601000000*/http://blog.effectivelearning.net/the-earthian-7/


“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9


“It took me a while to fully understand just how damaging empty streets, soulless eyes, the lack of smiles, shuttered businesses, and the absence of joy would become. But as I travel around trying to deliver a very specific message to a very specific audience, I recognize just how much damage is being done; not just to our nation as a whole, but also to every individual within it – personally.”

The overwhelming majority of dictates around COVID-19 mitigation are not laws. There was no debate; no input from representative government; and no option for the public to weigh-in on the decisions.

All unilateral rules are arbitrary, and despite many proclamations to the contrary, they rely upon voluntary compliance. As soon as citizens no longer voluntarily comply, the term of the rules has expired.
Continue reading “Covid-19 is Used to Frighten Us & Put Down Trump.”



If you don’t agree with what we say, we will punish you!’

This, in effect, is what the website “Right Wing Watch” is saying to all Americans.  Right Wing Watch is, guess what?  A website!  One of millions currently on the internet.  My blog, Merillion, is a “website.”  You got a blog?  You got a website that isn’t a blog?  My point being that Right Wing Watch is just one of many blogs & websites.

So why did HGTV bow down to them?  Look at this:

“After the group Right Wing Watch reported the twins who star in HGTV’s recently greenlit reality series Flip It Forward are anti-gay activists…”

Wow! The group “Right Wing Watch!”  It’s official!  I never heard of them, but they sound so important!

No, they’re just one website out of many.  Did HGTV know of them?  Did HGTV even vet them?  Why did HGTV consider what Right Wing Watch said as having even the slightest bit of importance?  Did HGTV think for themselves, or did they act out of fear?  THEY ACTED OUT OF FEAR – NO THOUGHT INVOLVED!  Therein lies one of the secrets of Marxist, Socialist, Left-wing Liberals who want to control YOU – AND ME – AND ALL AMERICANS!

This is where we have a Big problem.  Think about this the next time there is a punishment of any kind for SAYING THE “WRONG” THING, WRITING THE “WRONG” THING or BELIEVING THE “WRONG” THING.





“HGTV Pulls New Home-Flipping Series After Report Emerges Identifying Its Stars as Anti-Gay Activists”

By  | Wednesday May 7, 2014 @ 12:22pm PDT

“After the group Right Wing Watch reported the twins who star in HGTV’s recently greenlit reality series Flip It Forward are anti-gay activists, the network said this morning it had given the hook to the series, which was set to debut in October…”

“After a decade of flipping houses for profit, brothers David Benham and Jason Benham now help families buy the homes they never thought they could afford…”

Read more here:  http://www.deadline.com/2014/05/hgtv-pulls-new-home-flipping-series-after-report-emerges-identifying-its-stars-as-anti-gay-activists/



In response to the actions of HGTV, on May 8, 2014 Merillion contacted HGTV by email, as follows:



And is HGTV so self-righteous and pure as the driven snow, or is HGTV Politically Correct?

A tv show is a tv show.  If it’s a good show, people will watch it.  People connected to the good show will make money.

An American who has freedom of speech, which is by the way how America operates, is free to speak and to have opinions & thoughts.

The above two statements are separate from one another.  The twins’ opinions  have nothing to do with the show they would be a part of.

When you at HGTV read this report from Right Wing Watch, what was the first thing that came into your minds?  I’m willing to bet that it was FEAR.  Fear that the ACLU would file suit against you?  Fear that you would lose viewers? Fear of not being “politically correct” and not thinking the way everyone is SUPPOSED to think?

Political Correctness is a Cancer upon the earth, and now you, HGTVare a part of it.


n.b. Merillion: My readers – what do You think? Please don’t be afraid to “Talk To Me.”

Paula Dean & Political Correctness

No political correctness
No political correctness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My letter to the Food Network:

I swear I don’t know what’s happening to people these days.

Paula Dean said a bad word, maybe more than once, just like all of us humans.

She’s being crucified for it.

What are we going to do next to people, besides ruining their careers and their lives?  Lash them in the public square?  What has happened here with Paula Dean reminds me of the time that women were burned at the stake because they were thought to be witches.

She did not commit a crime, didn’t murder anyone, steal anything.

Haven’t any of YOU ever said anything bad?

Why don’t you reinstate her?  You won’t look bad or silly if you do – you’ll look human.  You’ll contribute to the end of “Political Correctness.”  Do you know that the words “politically correct” started as a joke by some comedian?  I know, because I remember it (I don’t remember who the comedian was).  And now look at us!  Lots of people think political correctness is the LAW!


Political Correctness is a Cancer upon the earth.  It creates fear in all of us.  Everyone is afraid to say anything.  What is it that we fear?  Maybe what we fear is that we’ll lose our jobs; that our lives and our careers will be ruined.  That people will shun us.  Some people even fear for their safety and the safety of their families!!  POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS OBSCENE.

A Grand Old Flag


I just finished watching “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” with James Cagney as composer George M. Cohan.  A wonderful movie and a superb actor.  His dancing and his portrayal of Cohan were from his heart; I felt that Cagney himself was passionate about his country.  I think all of us, with some exceptions, have that passion for America.  There’s nothing like this country.  Americans have love in their hearts for each other and for those in other countries, whether they are meeting for the first time during an emergency, or hearing about others’ suffering.

Americans welcome new arrivals to our country.  We want them to be happy here.  However, we want them to come in through the front door, not break our glass and sneak in through the back door.

Our current government officials don’t agree.  Their own agendas come first.  People from other countries, who make superhuman efforts to legally come into America, are confronted with terrible problems.  They wait.

At our border in Arizona, hey, no problem – walk right in, climb right in.  And the President of the United States fights against them – no, not illegal border jumpers – he fights against a Governor of the United States!  And if many of these illegal aliens cause  American citizens to live in fear for their lives or be murdered, this government and president say, “who cares?”

Ever see one of those movies where robbers force their way into a house and beat up the people who live there?  The victims cry and say, “Why are you doing this to us?”  It doesn’t matter “why.”  All that matters is that the home invaders  be STOPPED.   Why they are criminals is their problem.   Stopping them from hurting us is the only problem we have.  Someone else can psychoanalyze them in prison.

Why people in our government and elsewhere want to hurt our country doesn’t matter.  Stopping them from hurting our country is the key.