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I don’t understand what goes on today in our country.  Where did the hatred come from?  The Left is a circle of vicious animals; they want to throw America and Americans into a pit of foul garbage.  The problem is, the Left is actually a pit of foul garbage.  They hate children, little children.  They obsess about gender and show idiotic visuals of people saying, “my pronouns are she and her.”  What is the state of your mind if you even think about what someone’s pronouns are? 

Hatred of police is rampant. The Left does not bother with statistical truths about who kills who the most.  Who pays for the war-like invasions of Seattle, Portland?  Why are the invaders let go?  Or go to jail and people like Kamala Harris, the “Vice President,” pay to get them out.

The Left wants to live in filth and feces, wants law and order eliminated. Wants everyone to live like filthy, decadent pigs – and mothers ask their 5-year-olds if they would like to be a boy instead of a girl?  Do any of us know what Hell is really like?  The biden admin and all the left are showing us what Hell is like.

Who started this? What human mind devised this operation?  Who is rich enough to give all people in this leftist govt one or two million dollars each to work for them, to do what they are told  by a mind or minds in a turmoil of hatred?

Who told big tech that they can control free speech?  Who pays them even more money to say, “you can’t stay here anymore.  You can’t say what you want to say anymore.”  Getting fired from a job because you wear an American flag on your lapel.  Because you said the words “illegal alien.”  Because you won’t say “my pronouns are Xx, she, x.x.” (truly a most brain-dead illustration in every case.)

Who gives a shit what your “pronouns” are?  

HATRED of Donald Trump is most puzzling.  One person hates Trump so much that he has made it his life’s work to make everyone “hate Trump.”  Living with such hatred must take your energy away.

The Republicans – with few exceptions, mostly the new guys, republicans in house and senate stopped using their brains and skills years ago..  all they do is wait for the next election.  Good luck with that!  The Constitution says:  you must not accept bribes, etc. if you are a congressman or senator.  When the house and senate are taking money from whoever comes down the lobbyist pike, why the hell should they do any work?  It’s just like Americans who used to have  jobs – now they get so much charity money from the govt, they don’t want to bother working.

Well get this – some day things might change and you’ll all need jobs. And there won’t be any jobs. And there won’t be any Police, or churches, or little children, or safety – because you will all be LIVING IN HELL!


Author: Merillion

The Obamacaretakers

According to its proponents, Obamacare will enable us to work  fewer hours or not work at all.  Because of this, we’ll be able to stay home and “spend more time with our  families.”  At night, we can “tuck our children into their beds.”  And, we can “follow our dreams, become entrepreneurs.”

 We’ll be able to stay home?  With so many workers “following their dreams,”  there won’t be enough workers to build your home.

 “Tuck your kids in bed?” 

Tuck them in with what?  Who’s going to manufacture our cozy blankets?  Our delicious comforters?  (They’re great today, aren’t they?)  Sorry, not enough workers.  Takes a lot of people working for that blanket manufacturer to make enough blankets and sell them to you.  (Those workers are all at home, trying to tuck the kids in bed without any blankets.)

 If the product is to be made in another country, who will be at the corporation to travel there and do the deal?  What will they travel in?  Need a jet?  Need a ship?  A container?  Sorry, there aren’t any workers to arrange that for you, and besides, who will be there to build the jet, the ship, the container?  Who will distribute the product?

 “Tuck them into their BEDS?  What beds?  So many are at home following their dreams that employers, corporations, find there are too few people looking for jobs.  Sorry guys – no beds for you.

 You guys like to eat?  Me too.  Too bad.  No trucks are being made now to distribute the food we eat.  Railroads are going out of business.  No one to maintain them.  Not enough workers to build them.  No workers to nail the rails to the railroad ties. And besides, no one is making nails anymore!  Paper companies have no workers to manufacture the tickets, builders can’t build the train stations, corporations and companies can’t manufacture the booths where you buy your ticket.  No one would be in those booths anyway – They’re all “spending more time with their families.”

 Like your Jimmy Choos?  Beautiful, gorgeous shoes?  You’re out of luck.  You have to get the leather (how do they do that?), design the shoe, cut the leather, and find workers to make those beauties.

 Like your children to have shoes?  Want them to have quality boots for our tough winters?  Can’t be done.  Not enough workers to make that happen.


 UTOPIA?  More like HELL.