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America – Land of the Masked Zombies

To:  President Trump

Why won’t you sign exec. order for governors to open everything?? govs nj murphy, newsome, et al. have more power than the President of the U.S.?  what’s wrong with you? OPEN ALL THE STATES! I am Senior Citizen & do not worry about losing my business, etc. but I feel sick because you Pres. Trump think about China but not  about America.  Open them up! Our states – open everything & let US worry about ourselves.  If you do nothing, I can’t vote for you; & I sure as hell can’t vote for biden and the Marxist commies.  I’m told to stop worrying so much, but I’m sick about every shitty thing that’s happening to my country. PLEASE! PLEASE!


n.b. Merillion:  Email from Amazon saying your account has been used by “other devices” etc. is scam.  I opened it & it said “click here to get back your acct.”  When I clicked on it, I got WARNING DON’T PROCEED.


When your asshole governor or mayor says, “we are closing the Police Department,” and “diverting the funds elsewhere,” you must consider this:

These stupid idiotic governors, etc. are playing games with YOUR MONEY!  YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO “JUST SAY NO!” Who do you think pays for Police in your neighborhoods???


(And get this: One governor says:  “they’ll just have to get their own private security.”  WTF?


The Transgender Horror & Our Children

From:  American Thinker

By:  Trevor Thomas

January 2, 2020

The ‘Transgender’ Endgame

The first mother wrote:

“I was shocked when my thirteen-year-old daughter told me she was really my transgender son.  Where did she get the idea she was transgender? From a school presentation. . .”
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Statement: PGA Grand Slam of Golf

“The PGA of America and Donald Trump have mutually agreed that it is in the best interest of all not to conduct the 2015 PGA Grand Slam of Golf at Trump National Los Angeles. Details to follow.”


When Mr. Trump made his remarks about bad people coming from Mexico over our borders, he spoke the truth. No one wants to hear the truth these days, especially left-wing Liberals. Is that what you are? Or did you feel you had to be Politically Correct so that people will like you better?

You were wrong! More than anything, the people of America want to hear the truth. Every left-wing Marxist Socialist Liberal is a LIAR. I don’t know what you are – but giving in to Political Correctness is the coward’s way.

If you change your minds about not using Trump properties, and stop with this vile political correctness, you could help to save our country. But then, I don’t know what you really were thinking. To attack Donald Trump this way because he SPOKE THE TRUTH, shows your weakness. Or, perhaps, that you are Anti-American. Only you know for sure.

The Marxist/Liberals LOVE that you caved and attacked Donald Trump this way.  You fell right into their vicious, sleazy hands by doing what you did to Trump.

You disgust me.


Author: Merillion


For many years, the Congress of the United States has ignored our existing immigration laws. Now, on the Friday before they go on vacation for a month, they rush to pass a new law that they know will not pass the Senate, mostly because of Harry Reid. Whatever Harry Reid’s job description is, he’s not doing his job. Actually, Harry Reid has not done his job for years. Let’s find a way to stop his salary!

And getting back to our “congress,” they, with few exceptions, have not done their jobs either. For YEARS, Congress and recent Presidents have totally IGNORED our existing Immigration Law. They simply have done NOTHING to enforce it. Even John McCain, speaking out so vehemently today – I don’t remember his lifting a finger to help Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona with her horrible border problems. And John McCain is the Senator from Arizona!  And – let us not forget the current Pres of the U.S., Obama. He’s bringing in the illegals – he and his appointed Marxist Liberals planned this current border crisis!  They all knew about this a year before it happened.  And when Obama and his Socialist Marxist Liberals tell you how much they CARE about the little children with their sweet little smiles, it’s time to vomit.

Now, see the illegals pour over our borders. See the lice they carry, see the tuberculosis, see the chicken pox, and if we’re really lucky – SEE THE EBOLA!!!

Obama and Congress, it is your fault. It is on your heads. It is our blood on your hands.   You all disgust me – Obama because he is evil, certain members of congress because they are evil along with Obama, and Congress as a whole because they didn’t give a shit.