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SUBJECT: New Jersey govt offices closed due to covid? mask mandate? All children to be taught CRITICAL RACE THEORY? shutdowns?
My answer to above? NO! I called New Jersey Attorney General’s phone number. Recording said “our offices are CLOSED due to Covid. You can contact us online only.”
This is what I wrote:
“This is crap. No need to close. We pay you guys your salaries. I demand you open NJ offices and answer me when I call you. Also there will be no mask “mandates” this year. That shit is done! And it is apparent that gov murphy wants to teach all children, all ages from the very young, critical race theory.  CRT is horrific. It will harm children. It is obscene and so are you and all others in NJ govt for not saying, “no, Murphy you will not have it taught in schools.” Democrat Marxists like you, Menendez and Murphy do not give a shit about kids. You are slugs and vermin.
Mind what I say: Your orders and mandates are OVER.”

At the bottom of the email form was the word “SUBMIT.”  I clicked on “submit” many times, and it did not do anything.  Is this another way of ignoring us stupid peasants who pay their salaries?

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“Blame governors for the coronavirus deaths in nursing homes”

From: The New York Post

By Michael Goodwin

Gov. ­Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey issued almost identical orders in late March requiring nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients being discharged from hospitals. The orders barred the homes from even asking if the patients had the virus, lest they be discriminated against. Those politically correct orders quickly became death sentences as infections spread like wildfire.”

We think of ourselves as civilized, but mindless policies and bureaucratic indifference turned many nursing homes and rehabilitation centers into killing fields. . .”

“The states with the most nursing-home deaths, NEW JERSEY and NEW YORK, didn’t make the list because of so many other deaths, yet more than 10,000 people died in their facilities. The 5,500 nursing-home deaths in New York are more than the total deaths in all other states except New Jersey. . .”

“One of the worst is the state-run Veterans Home in Paramus, which has recorded at least 72 deaths. A man who lost his 91-year-old Army-veteran father there was quoted as saying the home should be demolished and replaced with a memorial park. “It’s like a mass shooting,” he said.

“This massacre of a helpless population shames America. . .”

Read more here: Blame governors for coronavirus deaths in nursing homes: Goodwin (nypost.com)

Are we FREE Americans or Not?

Dear President Trump,

A while back, you said you’d be watching what governors do, the ones who WILL NOT OPEN UP. Could you please do something about nj gov murphy? whatever he “opens” is HALF-ASSED OPEN. Even Macy’s here in Paramus: I went there 1st & 2nd day – clothes were open; jewelry closed; makeup closed. I expected a crowd. Hardly any customers were there. Please make him OPEN EVERYTHING. We can decide for ourselves to wear mask or not; to go to atlantic city or not. with him it’s we can’t go to church but crap protesters are ok. He wants us to follow his COMMANDMENTS. Frankly I’d like to punch him in the face. and he is torturing the guy who owns a gym in Camden nj. murphy is a sadistic socialist & we are free??? Americans???
I’m not so sure.
I love you & i’m not just saying this to butter you up.
Marilyn J.

n.b. Merillion:  This was sent to Pres. Trump using his contact form

If my readers want to use this same letter and send it to him, please Feel Free to do so!

Merillion’s Residence

This is my Home Page on WordPress.  My actual home is in New Jersey, up north near Rockland County, N.Y.  I love the street I live on; it’s pretty, our neighbors are nice, and the view from my bedroom window is my favorite.  If it’s been snowing heavily for a long time, I love hearing the snowplows going down our street in the middle of the cold night.  Everything is so quiet when it snows a lot, and snow creates such light you could walk outside and not need a flashlight.

My bedroom window view shows a pretty painting – the house next to us is not parallel to us.  It’s facing in a slightly different direction, and the rock border between us, with a small hill and tall trees, creates a beautiful picture.

In the summer, mainly in August, I love to go to the window and listen to the night noises; I’m not sure what makes the noises – I just call them “heat bugs.”

My living room window takes up almost the whole wall.  I use only sheer curtains on that front window, because when it’s raining, I love to see the street glistening,  lit by the street lamps.

I just love this house.  There’s something about it that’s always felt good.  I even liked it when we first moved in, and had to sleep on the floor, where the movers had put our box spring and mattress.  That was a low bed, twenty-two years ago.  Now, my husband and I would find it much harder to get up out of it!

I like my blog on WordPress, too.  It’s sort of like a home, where I can put down what I want to say, and have plenty of rooms to say it in.