Table Grace

by Gary Johnson


Here we sit as evening falls
Like old horses in their stalls.
Thank you, Father, that you bless
Us with food and an address
And the comfort of your hand
In this great and blessed land.
Look around at each dear face,
Keep each one in your good grace.
We think of those who went before,
And wish we could have loved them more.
Grant to us a cheerful heart,
Knowing we must soon depart
To that far land to be with them.
And now let’s eat. Praise God. Amen.

“Table Grace” by Gary Johnson. Used with permission of the poet.

Apology Required

I’m sorry to be writing this,
It makes me very sad
But I have to apologize,
Or I’ll feel bad.

You think I’m wimpy?
Think I’m weak?
Think I’m being mild and meek?
For this I do apologize
But I must be polite
Apology required? I don’t want to fight.

My country’s being torn apart
Destroyed left and right
My nerves are shot, I feel so ill
That I can’t sleep at night.

But all that doesn’t matter,
I have to be PC
Nothing else matters
When you are me.

I want to make a statement
But I know it isn’t wise.
If I tell the truth courageously
I’ll have to apologize.

I’m sorry I’m the way I am
My faults I can’t disguise.
I might be right or I may be wrong,
But I have to apologize!

If you hate my apologies,
And my poem you despise,
Well, what can I tell you?

author: Merillion