Donald Trump wants to ban all Muslims from coming into our country, America. I agree with him; but I would cut off ALL immigration into the United States, just to be on the safer side.  There are Islamic terrorists everywhere these days.

Analysts from many news outlets, including Fox News, have made the following statement, which is a distortion of the facts:
“Hey, we have freedom of religion in this country! You can’t ban all Muslims from coming here!”

Oh yes we can, and we must; what I see for the near future is Americans mourning their loved ones who just got stabbed, wripped apart by a bomb, or shot while they were Christmas shopping, or sitting in a restaurant, or…


“But we have to be politically correct, we have to act like we’re holy, we don’t want to be called “racist” or “selfish” or be told that we’re “profiling.”


What the hell is it with this idiotic fear of being called a racist? Or that you’re “profiling?” If some asshole schmuck calls you a racist, tell them to F off. Nobody knows better than YOU who you are and what you are, or how you think.


Let’s get one thing straight: “Freedom of Religion” has nothing to do with this. Staying alive has everything to do with it.

Author:  Merillion


Also see the following from  American Thinker

October 29, 2015

“13 reasons why we should not admit Muslim ‘refugees'”
By:  Carol Brown

“…We must not allow our culture to be undermined and destroyed by increasing the population of Muslims in the United States…”

Read more here:



Apology Required

I’m sorry to be writing this,
It makes me very sad
But I have to apologize,
Or I’ll feel bad.

You think I’m wimpy?
Think I’m weak?
Think I’m being mild and meek?
For this I do apologize
But I must be polite
Apology required? I don’t want to fight.

My country’s being torn apart
Destroyed left and right
My nerves are shot, I feel so ill
That I can’t sleep at night.

But all that doesn’t matter,
I have to be PC
Nothing else matters
When you are me.

I want to make a statement
But I know it isn’t wise.
If I tell the truth courageously
I’ll have to apologize.

I’m sorry I’m the way I am
My faults I can’t disguise.
I might be right or I may be wrong,
But I have to apologize!

If you hate my apologies,
And my poem you despise,
Well, what can I tell you?

author: Merillion

A Song of Nonsense!


“In the meadow we will build a SNOWPERSON,


And pretend that he/she/person is PARSON COMMUNITY ORGANIZING LEADER Brown;


He/She/Person will say “are you married?”, we’ll say “NO, SNOWPERSON MAN,”

(uh uh)

But you can do the job while you’re in your FAITH-BASED STRUCTURE in town.”

(oh, please).