A Group Portrait of the Left in America

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The Left

Photo courtesy of Google Images

It’s obvious that the Socialist Left, including, particularly, the “Democrats,” is so choked with vomitous hatred for America and its people that they are willing to let us die so they can get millions of people to vote for THEM.  They want to tear down our government, impeach President Trump and move into the White House.

They have to be captured, trapped, and transported to a secure location where their fangs will be removed, and they will be chained & muzzled.  They will be unable to growl, jump up to attack, or bare their teeth.  But their diseased hunger for power will remain with them…

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”

Acting I R S Commissioner Steve Miller

“Testifying” in front of the House Ways & Means Committee, on Friday,

May 17, 2013:


I don’t remember, I can’t recall

(Please don’t make me take the fall);

My answers are beyond the pale

(I don’t want to go to jail)

My shtick is to appear confused

(I don’t want to be accused);

Please, let me re-phrase your question

(Maybe I’ll avoid detention)

I’m so dazed, my memory fails me

(I just hope nobody jails me)

I’ll always answer truthfully

You know I will – but then,

I don’t remember, I can’t recall,

(And I don’t wanna go to the pen!)


Author: Merillion