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Open Letter to Rick Perry and All Presidential Candidates:


Attack Obama.  Attack the EPA.  Attack the IRS.  Attack the thieves who steal land from our citizens.  I hope to see those thieves in prison one day.

Attack the WORD POLICE, i.e. you can’t say this, you can’t say that.  I say to the WORD POLICE:  “FU.”  One doesn’t tell Americans what they can or cannot say.  There is no banning of words here in America.  There are no “Free Speech Zones” here, either.  All of America is just one big FREE SPEECH ZONE!

Find out why our “government” is buying up so much land.  Find out why they’re STEALING citizens’ land.  ATTACK THEM!

Get smart – attack the right people.  Don’t attack the Right!

Best Friends

From: “HOMETOWN NEWS” – Brevard County, Florida

A Guest Column by Brevard County Sheriff Jack Parker

“Paws & Stripes Program is making a difference”

“In September 2006, the Sheriff’s Office implemented an innovative program that matched unadoptable
dogs with specially trained jail inmates…”

“…The affect the dogs have had on the inmate population has been remarkable and has created a calming affect among the inmate population. In many cases, inmates have said their time working in the program was life-changing and gave them purpose during a tough time in their lives.”  Read entire article here: PAWS&STRIPES 2012-06-01 column vers2