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Message to “Black Lives Matter” Members

If you guys think black lives matter so much, how about working to make life safer for black people in Chicago?  In Ferguson?  They are OUT OF CONTROL for various reasons, such as government “officials” in those cities.

It’s easy to interrupt a candidate’s Freedom of Speech so that you can exercise YOUR Freedom of Speech.  It’s easy.  It’s nasty.

Why don’t you do some real work to make life better for blacks in Chicago and Ferguson; at the same time, life will be better for white people in Chicago and Ferguson.  Of course you don’t give a crap about white people, but at least work for the blacks.

What do you say?


Rules for RadicalRidiculists


First, the Rules for what Obama is called:
You can’t call him the “President.” It’s a matter of geo-strategic political correctness.
If you call Obama the “President,” all of us have to be called Presidents, including illegal aliens.
Of course, illegal aliens can’t be called “illegal aliens” just because they are illegal aliens, they must be called “undocumented” illegal aliens.  It, too, is a matter of geo-strategic political correctness.

We cannot call Obama “President” Obama, because that would mean that all of us are not equal. So therefore, to make sure that all of us are equal, we must all be called “President.” This includes children of all ages, starting at the age of 1 year old. This is the only way to have total equality of all people. This Rule shall include undocumented illegal aliens.

All criminals who rob people, burglarize homes, and rob banks must share their loot equally with everyone who lives in their state. This includes every state in the United States, & of course every country across the globe. This is called “Global Sharing of Criminal Gains,” and will be enforced by the Internal Revenue Service (the IRS).

Anyone who boasts about, mentions, or talks about getting a good job, doing well, & making a lot of money shall be arrested by people wearing brown uniforms; they are called “Global Radical Brown Equality Distribution Police.” It is well-known within the Obama administration that no one has ever succeeded all by themselves.  After the arrests have been made, the Global Radical Brown Equality Distribution Police and a new Police Force called the “youdidn’tdothatallbyyourself Police” will confiscate their money and property, which shall be equally distributed by the “Distortion of Speech Police,” who wear distorted clothing containing only pockets to put the money in, never, ever make statements that are related to normality or reality, and are summa cum laude graduates with degrees in Euphemisms.

Those who have attacked the United States or are considering doing so shall be called “Neutrals.” There has never been a politically correct word for “attackers,” “murderers,” “killers,” etc., and no one in the Obama government can think of a politically correct word except for “extremists.”  These Neutrals, who hurt people, bloody them, and kill them, shall be called the “NeutralNon-Existents.”  There are no Police for these people, because Obama & many others in his administration believe the “NeutralNon-Existents” are not really there. Obama and his administration know they exist, but feel that they are not actually “there” enough to have a name.  (It’s complicated.)

The above are “Rules for RadicalRidiculists” – there is a great penalty for not following them.
Only the IRS (also known as “The Alternate Bureau Of Weapons”), knows what the penalty is, and shall administer it to all who speak ill of these Rules, or do not follow them.

Say “YES!” to the Keystone Pipeline!



American Thinker


“A disgraceful Keystone decision delay”

 By Thomas Lifson


The Obama administration signaled its shame* over a nakedly political decision to indefinitely delay the Keystone Pipeline by burying the news on Good Friday afternoon. The decision was bought and paid for by wealthy green ideologues and green energy…” (click to read entire article)


Merillion says:

Come on Obama, EPA, radical environmentalists, lobbyists:

Get the oil out of the earth!  It’s contaminating the earth!  Say YES to the Keystone Pipeline!

Courage on the Right

English: Former U.S. Representative and Speake...
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n.b. Merillion:*

The courage to speak out!
Seen any lately?  I have.  But only from one man – Newt Gingrich.  From Republicans/Conservatives in Congress, all I’ve heard is a rehash of what problems we have, and that “we must fix them.”  I want to hear anger from our Congress.  I want them to GET MAD!  Why aren’t they ENRAGED??   When they are interviewed on television, they’re so quiet, so polite, so placid.  They don’t get enraged at what is happening within this country, and I get the impression that they don’t care!  I get the impression that they agree with Obama and his radical Liberals who disrespect the rules of Congress and our Government traditions, and whose aim in life is to bring down America!

The following article is from AMERICAN THINKER:

It’s Time for the Bull in the China Shop”

by Bill Markin

January 21, 2012

“It’s not about winning or losing an election. It’s about saving the country that is still the best hope for all mankind.”  Read more:  http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/01/its_time_for_the_bull_in_the_china_shop.html#ixzz1k8iy6jq2


*n.b.- “nota bene”

NB , N.B. , nb , Abbreviation: n.b. note well; take note
(Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition, Word Origin & History)

“mark well, observe particularly,” c.1721, from L. nota, second person sing. imper. of notare “to mark” + bene “well” (see bene-).
(Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper)