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When I first saw this painting it literally took my breath away, and that was just seeing it on my computer screen!  It was frightening and beautiful at the same time.  It was painted in 1850 by Ivan Aivazovsky, considered to be a great Russian seascape painter.  You can see why!

“The Ninth Wave”

Detail: “The Ninth Wave”

“The Ninth Wave ‘The Ninth Wave,’ painted in 1850, is Aivazovsky’s most famous work and is an archetypal image for the artist. The painting depicts the feared ninth swell, believed by Russian seamen to be the most powerful and destructive. Copyright ©. George Mitrevski. Auburn University. e-mail:mitrege@auburn.edu

“Ivan Aivazovsky is the great Russian painter of seascapes. The sea was his life and the chief subject of his art. No-one else painted the sea the way that he did.”  http://www.rusmuseum.ru/eng/editions/video/history_rus_iso/ajvazovskij/