America – Land of the Masked Zombies

To:  President Trump

Why won’t you sign exec. order for governors to open everything?? govs nj murphy, newsome, et al. have more power than the President of the U.S.?  what’s wrong with you? OPEN ALL THE STATES! I am Senior Citizen & do not worry about losing my business, etc. but I feel sick because you Pres. Trump think about China but not  about America.  Open them up! Our states – open everything & let US worry about ourselves.  If you do nothing, I can’t vote for you; & I sure as hell can’t vote for biden and the Marxist commies.  I’m told to stop worrying so much, but I’m sick about every shitty thing that’s happening to my country. PLEASE! PLEASE!


n.b. Merillion:  Email from Amazon saying your account has been used by “other devices” etc. is scam.  I opened it & it said “click here to get back your acct.”  When I clicked on it, I got WARNING DON’T PROCEED.

And no one sent him a card, and no one gave him a call.

He turned 85 years old yesterday.  No one sent him a birthday card and no one called him up to say “Happy Birthday.”

From the time they were born, he was always the first one to remember their birthdays, with cards and presents.  As they got older, he was the first one to say “Hey, we have to get a birthday card,” and we always put a check in the card.

He got joy out of doing it.

They even got a reminder this time.

It would have given him such happiness – a little thing.  Not a present, not money.

But no one sent him a card, and no one gave him a call.