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Dishonoring America


What the “sequester” is:  A decrease in the increase in spending – NOT A CUT!


DISHONOR  noun  1 : lack or loss of honor or reputation  2 : the state of one who has lost honor or prestige : SHAME  3 a : a dishonorable thing or action  b : a cause of disgrace

DISHONORABLE  adj  1 : when the President of the United States, a Senator in the Congress of the United States, or a Congressman or Congresswoman of the United States LIES to the people of the United States, as in the case of “sequestration.” 2 : when the above President, Senators, or any members of Congress INTENTIONALLY CREATE FEAR in the minds of the people of the United States by such lies.

Lying breeds confusion, chaos, and ultimately, hatred.

The “sequester” was originally President Obama’s idea, an idea he shared with
members of Congress.


Courage on the Right

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n.b. Merillion:*

The courage to speak out!
Seen any lately?  I have.  But only from one man – Newt Gingrich.  From Republicans/Conservatives in Congress, all I’ve heard is a rehash of what problems we have, and that “we must fix them.”  I want to hear anger from our Congress.  I want them to GET MAD!  Why aren’t they ENRAGED??   When they are interviewed on television, they’re so quiet, so polite, so placid.  They don’t get enraged at what is happening within this country, and I get the impression that they don’t care!  I get the impression that they agree with Obama and his radical Liberals who disrespect the rules of Congress and our Government traditions, and whose aim in life is to bring down America!

The following article is from AMERICAN THINKER:

It’s Time for the Bull in the China Shop”

by Bill Markin

January 21, 2012

“It’s not about winning or losing an election. It’s about saving the country that is still the best hope for all mankind.”  Read more:  http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/01/its_time_for_the_bull_in_the_china_shop.html#ixzz1k8iy6jq2


*n.b.- “nota bene”

NB , N.B. , nb , Abbreviation: n.b. note well; take note
(Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition, Word Origin & History)

“mark well, observe particularly,” c.1721, from L. nota, second person sing. imper. of notare “to mark” + bene “well” (see bene-).
(Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper)

But they won’t do it (hey, it’s only taxpayer $$$)

“Government Waste By the Numbers: Report Identifies Dozens of Overlapping Programs”

Published March 01, 2011 | FoxNews.com

“This report confirms what most Americans assume about their government. We are spending trillions of dollars every year and nobody knows what we are doing. The executive branch doesn’t know. The congressional branch doesn’t know. Nobody knows,” Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said in a statement Tuesday morning. “This report also shows we could save taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars every year without cutting services.”

An American President



May 25, 2011

Congress Gets an American President — For a Day

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero

“Perhaps, worst of all, they have had to endure a nauseating rewriting of their own history and sacrifice by a President who errantly speaks of the great contributions that Islam made from early on in our history in the development of this country. Today Mr. Netanyahu came in front of the entire Congress of the United States “not to bury her, but to praise her.” It was as if for one day we had an American President again.”  Read entire article here:


Congress fiddles politely while America Burns

Hey, everybody, what’s happenin’?

You know what??

No one is doing anything about bringing America, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, back from the abyss.  And NOW is the time to do it.  Can’t wait for the 2012 election, can’t wait for Congress to come back from their holiday recess.

I don’t hear anyone speaking out about what is going on with this White House, this government.  But us, all of us, we know “what’s happenin’,” don’t we?  In the House and in the Senate, Republicans, Independents, and Democrats know too, and they know a lot more than they’re telling us, the American citizens.

But here we all sit, with our headaches and stomach-aches starting every time we listen to Obama on the TV.  Our country is in grave danger, and all we do is talk, talk, talk.  Listen to and watch the Conservative talk shows –  they’re right, most of the time.  But it’s talk!

America, it’s action time!  And if there will be talk by the Congress, speeches, townhalls, and appearances, why must it all be wishy-washy and namby-pamby?  And “respectful?”  When do we get someone up there who isn’t afraid?  Who speaks with honesty, who says outright what we are all thinking?  Who actually shocks us by stating our thoughts out loud?  My God, what a freedom that would be!  How liberating that would be!  It would be like winning a war!

It would be winning the war.