Behind the scenes at the Obama administration

I’m very worried about this country.  America. My country.  Are you worried, too?  Sometimes I wonder if anybody cares anymore, especially our Senators and Congressmen.  They’re on vacation.  Obama is campaigning.  Yes, yes, the word is “campaigning.”  Don’t give me any crap about a “talking tour,” “just want to talk to the people, the “folks,” as he likes to call them.

Everyone’s talking about the 2012 election.  It seems nothing will be done until “the election.”  Do you know how much damage can be done to this country in a year and a half?  By people behind the scenes at the White House?  By 2012, I don’t know if there will be much left to be president of.  Room only for a dictator.

And we have a Tea Party leader who had the nerve to ask Obama the question,  “What about Biden calling us terrorists?”  A person on Fox News found that the question made her “so uncomfortable, I just don’t like that it happened.”

Oh Dear!  And one of the men said he thinks we should only ask questions regarding the issues, such as jobs and the economy; that it was wrong to confront Obama that way.  (He was only there to shake hands & smile, not to be confronted with reality.)

Why do some people treat Obama like he’s a frail, delicate child – always defending him, always giving him a pass.  What’s with these people?  If he’s so damn delicate, he should not even be in the position of President.  People, stop with the crap!  Grow up!  Open your eyes!  Question not only Obama, question what is going on – our defense budget gets cut;  the president doesn’t care about whether we have jobs.  He keeps repeating:  “the folks out there worry about not having jobs; they worry about food on the table; they worry about their kids.”

Obama doesn’t really care about any of that.  Talks a good game.  He worries about getting elected in 2012.  And I worry about what our country will lose by 2012.  We’ll lose more jobs; we’ll lose more of our defenses; we’ll lose more of our rights; and more of our freedoms, inch by inch, day by day, regulation by regulation.   And I don’t know if anyone cares enough to stop it – to stop it NOW, before our beloved country is dead and gone.


Author:  Merillion


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Congress fiddles politely while America Burns

Hey, everybody, what’s happenin’?

You know what??

No one is doing anything about bringing America, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, back from the abyss.  And NOW is the time to do it.  Can’t wait for the 2012 election, can’t wait for Congress to come back from their holiday recess.

I don’t hear anyone speaking out about what is going on with this White House, this government.  But us, all of us, we know “what’s happenin’,” don’t we?  In the House and in the Senate, Republicans, Independents, and Democrats know too, and they know a lot more than they’re telling us, the American citizens.

But here we all sit, with our headaches and stomach-aches starting every time we listen to Obama on the TV.  Our country is in grave danger, and all we do is talk, talk, talk.  Listen to and watch the Conservative talk shows –  they’re right, most of the time.  But it’s talk!

America, it’s action time!  And if there will be talk by the Congress, speeches, townhalls, and appearances, why must it all be wishy-washy and namby-pamby?  And “respectful?”  When do we get someone up there who isn’t afraid?  Who speaks with honesty, who says outright what we are all thinking?  Who actually shocks us by stating our thoughts out loud?  My God, what a freedom that would be!  How liberating that would be!  It would be like winning a war!

It would be winning the war.